After The Rain

After The Rain is a moving collection of ten original compositions, contemporary ensemble recordings showcasing Neil Tatar’s dual talents on both piano and acoustic guitar, inviting listeners on an introspective musical journey. In listening, one senses that this may be Tatar’s most personal musical effort yet, and one in which his Tai Chi background and performance gel into a heart-based musical meditation.

After The Rain is a compelling collection of beautifully-rendered ensemble pieces that showcase both sides of Tatar’s intricate artistry.  One of the most striking piano compositions is the stark, haunting “Rush Pond,” which was inspired by the place he often finds his inspiration. The graceful opening piece “Gentle Steps” is a meditative piece, filled with a sense of patience, a reflection upon life’s most meaningful experiences. With “Freedom” (featuring Jill Haley on English Horn), Tatar reaches out with a call to end oppression for suffering people worldwide. The soulful and inviting guitar pieces on After The Rain include the spirited, tempo shifting “Sunsets,” featuring interactions with saxophone and dancing violin; the warm and sensual “When I Was Young” with its mood-elevating duality of sax and guitar; and the freewheeling, folksy and jazzy closing piece “Sidewalk Jam.”

Jonathan Widran of Music Connection writes, “While many influential artists are renowned for their prowess on a single instrument, Neil Tatar stands out with new works that draw from his compositional brilliance on both piano and acoustic guitar on After The Rain. It’s a refreshing, unique and accessible collection that further establishes Tatar as a groundbreaking artist in the genre.”

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the incomparable Imaginary Road Studios, co-produced by Neil with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton. After The Rain’s peaceful eclecticism and upbeat vibe underscore why this upstate New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist was named Best New Artist of 2015 at the ZMR Awards.

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