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We’re honored to announce that One World Music Awards has nominated After the Rain for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album! The

We’re excited to announce that After the Rain has been nominated by ZMR for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. The winner

We’re pleased to announce that the composition “After The Rain” is a finalist for Top New Age Song of 2018 has named After the Rain #9 on its top 10 New Age Albums list for 2018! They write, “Over

The creator and host of Audiosyncracy has included Sidewalk Jam, a track from After the Rain, on its list of best

Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano has listed After the Rain as one of her favorite albums of the year. She

Michael Debbage considers After the Rain as #6 on his list of favorite albums for 2018. Learn more here!

We’re excited to announce that Lloyd Barde, blogger and reviewer, selected After the Rain as the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

She describes the first time she listened to the album, on a road trip through the southern side of central

Keys and Chords album reviewer Patrick Van De Wiele describes After The Rain as “music that brings calmness with a

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