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Jun 23

Music Producer Michael Diamond Gives Stellar Review of Learning to Fly

Musician Neil Tatar

Michael Diamond, a San Francisco Bay area music producer, recording artist, and journalist, recently gave Learning to Fly a wonderful and thoughtful review. He gave a glowing review of Where Did the Time Go, and commented in his latest review that “with Learning To Fly, however, Neil has taken his music and collaborative efforts to the next level entirely.”

He writes, “At this point, I want to reiterate that while Neil’s previous album with David Darling was excellent, this new release provides an even more colorful palette for him to paint his musical pictures. One of the trademarks of a Will Ackerman production is that of providing some of the finest studio musicians in the world, yet always in a supporting role, keeping the spotlight on the featured artist. Neil has taken full advantage of this scenario and totally shines in his interaction with the maestro Ackerman and company. I must also compliment the superb sound quality and mix that is tweaked to perfection by master engineer Tom Eaton. Learning To Fly certainly lives up to it’s title as it explores diverse musical terrain from a lofty perspective. Neil Tatar is an up and coming artist whose skills as a composer and multi-instrumentalist on piano and guitar provide a thoroughly satisfying musical experience, that will leave listeners eager to hear more in the future.”

To read the full review, click here!

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