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Sep 07

Neil Tatar Releases Album

New Age Jazz Album

Neil Tatar released his first album, Where Did The Time Go, in September of 2013. In collaboration with David Darling, a Grammy Award Winning cellist and composer, Neil showcases his contemporary style, blending blues, rhythm and blues, and jazz in his composition and performance.

The title track, Where Did The Time Go, came about when Neil was having conversations with his mother as his dad was in end stages of life, and she was reflecting on her own life story and the years that had passed. During one of these phone conversations she asked, “Neil, where did the time go?”….so, as he was exploring his own grieving process while sitting at the piano, he wrote the title composition. What began as a single piece developed into a few more compositions, and Neil decided to bring his compositions to David Darling for some guidance. What developed was a wonderful collaboration that led to the recording of this beautiful album. As Neil was opening up to this new way of expressing himself through creating his own music, he discovered most of his compositions came from personal reflections on significant life stories that had been bubbling “inside” for quite some time.

David Darling beautifully supports the musical journey with his expressive and compassionate voice on cello. From rhythmic to heart opening this duet touches the inner spirit, guiding the listener as they discover their own personal reflections while listening to the music.  The compositions are so touching and interesting that only days after the release, the CD was ranked #13 on Amazon for hottest new releases in the New Age/Jazz Fusion category.

The album was recorded at David’s Blue Adagio Studios where it was mastered and mixed by David Darling and Neil Tatar.

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