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Aug 04

ZMR’s Bill Binkelman Gives Learning to Fly a Fantastic Review

Learning to Fly - Neil Tatar's 2nd Album

Highly regarded critic Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter gave a thorough and very positive review of Learning to Fly. 

Binkelman writes, “Tatar shows he is more than up to the task of heading up a showcase of talented musicians while maintaining his place at the forefront, leading them in nine tunes that epitomize an easy, occasionally jazz-inflected style of instrumental music. As on Where Did The Time Go, Tatar’s versatility on, and mastery of, his two instruments is truly impressive (I can’t remember the last time an artist so thoroughly mastered acoustic guitar and piano). His touch on both instruments flows through the album like a clear brook, sometimes babbling with a lively energy and, other times, lazily meandering through a forest grove.

In just two recordings, Neil Tatar has climbed way, way up the ladder of artists to pay attention to for years to come. Learning To Fly is as good as it gets if you are seeking acoustic instrumental music to relax to but yet still crave a variety of styles and moods. Whether it is Ackerman/Eaton’s guidance or Tatar’s inherent sense of what works, the album is one of the most cohesive yet diversified works I have heard in recent years.”

To read the full review on the Zone Music Reporter website, click here.

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