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Jan 03

New Age Album After the Rain Featured in the Huffington Post

After the Rain - New Age Music

We’re excited to announce that After the Rain was referenced in a recent article in the Huffington Post. Irene Ross’s article, Heartful of Love, explores how music sends us a message of love in its ability to calm, excite, smooth, heal, and create “a sense of overall well being.” She writes, “So start 2018 in good health, and with a little bit more music, hugs and laughter to give your heart the love it needs to stay healthy and open! As we move toward Valentine’s Day, you can find just the sound your heart desires in heart-focused releases from conscious musicians. It could be the musical love story in Kiss the Quiet by Michael Whalen, the soaring soulfulness of AONKI: Gateway of Love by Anaya Music, or, a more relaxed groove with After the Rain by Neil Tatar.” Read the full article!

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